Saturday, November 20, 2010

Being a stay at home mom is wonderful. But i've got this urge inside of me to do something with myself, and luckily it's something I can do from home. I used to have a hairbow shop on two years ago when I was a stay at home mom before. I loved doing it, but when I had to go to work I put my shop on vactaion mode and boxed up all of my supplies. Well I am so happy to announce that I'M BACK!! Sales aren't coming like they were before so far, but I know they will come in time once I start getting repeat business/word of mouth. here's some of the things I've been listing....

Lucky for me I have the cutest model ever who works for the sake of helping mommy, she loves to watch me make hair bows and loves seeing her cute face on the website.

Come take a look